Friday, March 21, 2104
10:30am - 12:00pm
Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center, RISD Museum

Moderator: Chris Rose
Panelists: Peter Walker, Saija Hollmen, Peter Dean, Sam Anderson

Design Thinking takes us across big changes of scale, from the smallest object to the infrastructures of human experience. Relationships between experimental and applied design skills, together with knowledge building and participatory planning, all feature in the social connectivity that we care about.

All participants share a deep interest in how design thinking and direct engagement with humanistic concerns can inform our teaching and research with students at all levels of study, with direct connections to fieldwork and sustained engagement. The session includes a short presentation from each contributor followed by a discussion and Q&A moderated by Chris Rose.

Peter Walker is a former RISD faculty member, now Program Director in the Sustainable Design MA at the University of South Australia.
Saija Hollmen is a founding 
member of UKUMBI NGO, with projects in Africa, and teaches architecture at Aalto University Helsinki
Peter Dean is a 
faculty member in the Department of Furniture Design at RISD, co-founder of the college's Nature Culture Sustainability Concentration, Board Member of the Marion Institute and partner in EcoCycleDesign.
Chris Rose is Graduate Program Director in the Department of Furniture Design at RISD.
Sam Anderson is a Senior in the Department of Furniture Design at RISD.